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Timing Belt Tooth Profiles and Pitches

Timing Belt Tooth Profiles and Pitches

The Timing Belt Pitches and Profiles section identifies the most common timing belt pitches and timing belt tooth profiles available today. A detailed chart and related pictures aid in the identification of your synchronous drive belt.

Timing Belt Tooth Profile Comparison

The Timing Belt Profile Comparison section breaks down the timing belt tooth profiles into belt groups, desired characteristics and applications.

Timing Belt Tooth Profile and Pitch Interchangeability

The Timing Belt Profile and Pitch Interchangeability section guides the end-user in how to determine which timing belt goes with what timing belt pulley and also helps with determining if a replacement timing belt is compatible with the original timing belt.

Timing Belt Pitch Comparison

Without considering the individuals merits of the timing belt (profile, tensile cord, construction) horsepower is transmitted by both the pitch and width of the timing belt. The following charts identify the pitches available for the most common synchronous drive belt tooth profiles.

Timing Belt Stress Analysis

Timing belt stress analysis tests were performed with matching timing belt tooth profiles and dissimilar (non-matching) timing belt tooth profiles to determine if the stresses were within operating specifications of the timing belts.


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