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SynchroForce – CXP Timing Belts

SynchroForce - CXP Timing Belts For Medium Duty Applications

SynchroForce CXP Timing Belt Construction

Thanks to their enhanced compounding, SynchroForce medium duty timing belts open up completely new areas of application. With their smooth-running properties they allow highly efficient, reliable and durable drive solutions. To optimally meet the performance requirements of today’s industry, the SynchroForce CXP timing belts are designed for high dynamic demands and high rpm rates.

Timing Belt Profiles and Timing Belt Pitches (Currently Available)

  • 3mm HTD
  • 5mm HTD
  • 8mm HTD
  • 14mm HTD
  • 8mm STD
  • 8mm CTD
  • 14mm CTD


  • Electrically conductive according to ISO 9563
  • Moderately resistant to oils, unaffected by tropical climates
  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +100 °C according to application
  • CXP timing belt has a glass cord tension member for high dynamic demands

Areas of Application

SynchroForce CXP medium duty timing belts are suitable for applications requiring a large power output to be transmitted at high belt speeds.

ContiTech Literature

Timing Belt Calculators

Pfeifer Industries has developed a online calculator for identifying the correct timing belt length for your application and/or for calculating shaft center to center distances.

Timing Belt Length and Shaft Center to Center Distance Calculator

A downloadable calculator from Continental ContiTech is also offered that allows the end-user to calculate which timing belt is best suited for their application.

ContiTech – Mechanical Power Transmission Drive Design Calculator

Online Catalog

Timing Belts – Rubber

Timing Belt Lengths and Widths (Currently Available):


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