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8mm HTD, ContiTech Extreme, 480-8M-50

Part Number: 20F-C2-8HTD-480-50

ContiTech Extreme 8mm HTD Timing Belt


  • Timing Belt Tooth Pitch / Profile: 8mm HTD
  • Timing Belt Pitch Length: 480mm
  • Timing Belt Width: 20mm
  • Number of Teeth (Grooves): 60 Teeth
  • Material: HNBR Rubber
  • Timing Belt Tensile Cord: K-glass

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  • Timing Belt Manufacturer / Product Line: ContiTech Extreme
  • Timing Belt Pitch / Profile: 8mm HTD
  • Pitch Length (mm): 480mm
  • Timing Belt Width (mm): 50mm
  • Number of Teeth (Grooves): 60 teeth
  • Material: HNBR Rubber
  • Timing Belt Tensile Cord: K-Glass
  • Timing Belt Type: Single Sided
  • Application Type: Heavy Duty
  • Manufactured In: Germany


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